Introduction to Medical Terminology

This course will introduce students to the principles of medical terminology and healthcare communication and is designed to integrate literacy workforce preparation and workforce training. This course is an excellent way to explore the medical field.


DAYS & Dates

Tue & Thurs

2/7 – 03/29/23




In-person Room 42



No cost

Students will learn:

  • Students will acquire a body of knowledge that will prepare them for entry level healthcare office jobs such as medical coders, unit coordinators, and medical/hospital receptionist
  • Enhance workforce training for entry level healthcare jobs by exposing students to advanced skills such as decoding complex medical terms and communicating with pharmacies
  • Utilize workforce preparation activities through a knowledge of medical terminology, effective communication, prescription drug codes and medication labels
  • Understand and build proficiency in basic medical terminology
  • Identify and decipher medical abbreviations and acronyms
  • Spell and pronounce basic medical terms accurately and use them appropriately
  • Analyze and simplify unfamiliar terms using the knowledge of word roots, suffixes and prefixes gained in the course
  • Recognize the basic layout of a drug prescription and medication labels
  • Employ effective communication techniques between patients and healthcare professionals
  • Relate classroom understanding of terminology and healthcare communication to real-life applications
  • Develop a strong foundation required for certification programs in many health science courses and further a successful career path development
Introduction to Medical Terminology & Healthcare Communication


Contact the Career Education Coordinator for more information.

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