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Active Adults

Applied Arts

Beginning and Intermediate Level Watercolor classes available. Illustrator Matt Crane will demonstrate weekly sampling of drawing and painting techniques.
Drawing and Painting
Learn useful drawing and watercolor tips and practice use of materials.
Fundamentals of Art
Instruction is offered in the fundamentals of art: drawing, color, shape, form, value, perspective and texture. It includes a variety of art mediums: graphite, watercolor, color pencils, water soluble colored pencils, pastels, portraiture, scratchboard, and additional techniques with art mediums.
Drawing for Beginners Level 1
8-week course is for beginners who have an interest in learning to draw or simply want to improve their skills of observation. The class will introduce the tools and materials you'll need along with demonstrations of techniques and exercises for practice. Line, shape, form, spatial concepts, value (light and shade), linear and atmospheric perspective, the figure, principles of composition (rhythm, scale/proportion, texture, variety, contrast, unity, balance) will be covered.
Drawing for Beginners Level 2
This 8-week course is designed for those with some experience drawing and want to improve their skills. Students will reinforce their basic drawing skills and combine drawings with other media like watercolor and colored pencil. Elements of design, realistic and symbolic, as well as expressive modes of drawing as they apply to still-life, landscapes, the figure and portraits will be introduced and discussed.

Health and Fitness

Move, Stretch & Strengthen
Enjoy uplifting music, rhythm and dance, this class is for you. We start with a slow gentle warmup and transition to easy paced low impact modified aerobic exercises that include a few fun easy to follow dance steps! We then use hand weights (optional) to build arm strength. Class concludes with gentle exercises performed on a mat to strengthen legs and stabilize knee joints.
Tai Chi for Beginners
Learn and practice beginning postures of the taiji routiine. In this class for beginners you’ll learn 6-8 basic postures, slowly, step by step. Class starts off with gentle movements to warm up your joints and muscles to promote better flexibility, range of motion and balance. Warm up exercises are followed by practicing taiji postures.
Small Group Tai Chi for Better Balance
Beginning small group tai chi class will meet in person. The goal of this class is to improve your functional balance and overall agility. With the skilled and supportive coaching of Debbie Au, RN, you will learn and practice Tai Chi and improve your functional balance.
Tai Chi – Advanced
Advanced Tai Chi students should have completed all 75 postures of the Zungu Chen Family routine and have been practicing the routine on their own. Fine tuning of the postures is a component of this class.
Yoga for Health
Our Yoga for Health is designed for adults over 50. You’ll learn and practice mild to moderate poses at an easy pace. The yoga postures have been selected to help you gradually release bodily tension while increasing overall flexibility and strength. Additional benefits of practicing yoga are an enhanced focus of attention, and a feeling of well being. In addition to teaching customary yoga positions, your instructor will offer modifications of postures for students as needed. Classes conclude with a meditative relaxation exercise.
Yoga/Pilates Fusion
This blended class combines the yogic focus on enhanced mind and body awareness, strength, stamina, flexibility and balance, with Pilates techniques to improve posture and create a strong, stable foundation for movement. Instructor will teach basic Mat Pilates movement with a yogic focus. No prior experience is necessary.
Fall Prevention
Class is designed to support and maintain overall fitness for adults 70 and better! We practice specific routines to improve leg and arm strength. You will learn about body mechanics that contribute to better posture and can help lower your risk for falls. Some exercises are done seated; others while standing, using a chair for support. Bring 2lb. hand weights. Resistance bands provided. Class size is limited to 10. Guest drop-in passes not accepted.

Current Events and Memoirs

Current Events
Stay informed! Connect with other adults who enjoy engaging in thought-provoking, lively conversations about the world in which we live. New topics weekly, drawn from local, national, and global events. Keep your mind sharp through engagement. Whether you prefer to listen and observe or express and share your ideas, we all learn from and about each other. Your opinion matters!
Memoirs and Stories
Get all the tips, support and encouragement you need to explore the art of writing. Whether you would like to work on memoir, creative nonfiction, fiction, or personal essays, come spend a few hours a week in a reflective class that will sharpen your writing skills and tell your story.
Topics discussed in class will cover history, and key and advanced records to assist your research. Individual Attention will be paid to how to find the records you need.

Career Education

Career and Professional Development

Construction Math Prep
Get help to pass your local union math and mechanical exam and oral interview! San Mateo Adult & Career Education and Building Trades Workforce Initiative have partnered to offer this CONSTRUCTION MATH TEST PREP PROGRAM to help students successfully pass local union Apprenticeship Exams! Unions include Plumbers, Pipefitters, Welders, HVAC, Sprinkler Fitters, Electricians, Sheet Metal workers, Operating Engineers, Insulators, and more!
Professional Communications
This program provides the essential communication skills you need to thrive in any workplace environment and become a confident leader. This interactive course prepares you to thrive in any workplace by developing your skills tp understand how to communicate in professional environments.
Micorsoft Office Specialist(MOS) Word 2016 will demonstrates that you have the skills needed to get the most out of Word by earning a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2016 certification. Successful candidates for the Word 2016 certification have a fundamental understanding of the Word environment and the ability to complete tasks independently. It will give students and workforce candidates the power to chart their own course, fulfill their ambition, and realize their potential.

Community Enrichment

CERTs Training Program
Community Emergency Response Team CERT -Learn Disaster Psychology, Disaster First Aid, Personal Preparedness, how to use a Fire Extinguisher, & more! Free to those who live or work in Belmont, Foster City, San Mateo and students at SMACE aged 16-years-old and up!
ESL City Academy
The ESL Government Academy is a Unique opportunity designed to expand participants' awareness of local government, City services and increase civic engagement, leadership and volunteering.

Healthcare Education

Clinical Medical Assistant
Students will train to assist the physician in providing quality patient care. Students will learn to obtain patient vital signs, assist with minor medical procedures, perform simple laboratory tests, give injections, perform venipuncture (phlebotomy), administer medications and more. The Program can prepare you to take the national certification exam for a Medical Assistant Certification (CCMA) through the National Healthcareer Association (NHA).
Dispensing Optician Course
Cañada College Continuing Education and San Mateo Adult & Career Education School have collaborated to offer this Dispensing Opticians Certificate Program taught by licensed instructor Lynnette Garcia and Jeramie Tolentino. The Dispensing Opticians Training Program offers students the foundational work to not only begin a career in optical, but to also acquire ABO board certification, leading to better pay and more opportunity for career advancement in the optical industry.
HealthCare Basics
This course will introduce students to the principles of medical terminology and healthcare communication and is designed to integrate literacy workforce preparation and workforce training. This course is an excellent way to explore the medical field.
Medical Billing and Coding Specialist
Topics covered include medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, medical billing functions, insurance guidelines and compliance training, legal and ethical issues, and basic diagnostic and procedural coding: ICD, CPT AND HCPCS as required by our healthcare system. Learn how to work with healthcare professional to determine care services and manage claim processing.
Pharmacy Technician
The health industry has a high demand for Pharmacy Technicians. This comprehensive course will prepare you to enter the pharmacy field and take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s PTCB exam, plus students get hands-on training both in the classroom and during externship.
The Phlebotomy Technician program is designed to help you acquire the practical knowledge and the specialized skill you will need to draw blood from patients as an entry-level phlebotomist. No previous medical experience is required.
Dental Rover: Sterilization Technician
Dental Rovers are an integral part of every dental team as they support dentists and Registered Dental Assistants to increase the efficiency of the dental office. The Dental Assistant Rover’s primary responsibility is to prepare the examination rooms for appointments by sterilizing instruments and ensuring all necessary equipment is ready for the dentist. Cañada Community College and San Mateo Adult & Career Education School have collaborated to offer this program

Technology, Business, & Finance

AWS Academy Cloud Foundation
This course is intended for students who seek an overall understanding of cloud computing concepts, independent of specific technical roles. It provides a detailed overview of cloud concepts, Amazon Web Services (AWS) core services, security, architecture, pricing, and support. Participants will be prepared to successfully pass the exam to earn their AWS Practitioner Certification to prepare for career opportunities in the cloud field.
AWS Architect Academy
This intermediate-level course covers the fundamentals of building IT infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and helps students gain the skills they need to pursue the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification. Prerequisite: AWS Academy Cloud Foundation Training or equivalent experience.
Office 365 Cloud Essentials
Designed to verify individuals are fully prepared to enter the workforce, this course validates that students have acquired the knowledge and skills required to be effective in their current and future careers. This certification allows employers to identify and connect with more skilled candidates, filling gaps in the labor market and jump-starting individuals’ careers. Includes a final industry-certification exam sponsored by Express Employment Professionals that could lead to job placement.
Computer Lab
Our computer lab is set up for individuals who are seeking to build or enhance their basic computer, typing, Google Basics, or Microsoft Office skills, do homework or get additional tech support. This is for individual study only, with teacher support.
Excel Certification Program
Creation and use of spreadsheets, including spreadsheet design, use of menu systems, basic and advanced formulas and functions, relative and absolute addressing, formatting, printing and graphing. Also includes design and optimization of large and complex spreadsheets, database features, macros, and linking of spreadsheets with other software programs.
Google Basics
This course provides students with a basic overview of the main Google Apps Suite including Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, as well as Google Drive. Many employers are using Google as their preferred method of collaboration because it works on all platforms, it's paperless, saves automatically and for students is builds college and career readiness and is free to use with a Google account.
Microsoft Office Basics
Do you need to learn or brush up on your computer skills? Looking to add Microsoft Office applications to your resume? This 10-week course will help you to become proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
Intro to Accounting
Basic accounting knowledge and skills are important tools for almost any profession and business. Join us for this 8-week introductory class where we will teach you basic accounting principles and guide you through different facets of accounting. The last part of class will include an introduction to QuickBooks online. This course will help anyone interested in a career in accounting, bookkeeping, finance or owning a business.
QuickBooks Online Comprehensive is a 15-week intensive course leading to mastery of the computer-based accounting software. Approved by Intuit, QuickBooks Online: Comprehensive meets all the objectives of the QuickBooks Certified User exam. It provides essential coverage of the app for employees, company owners, accountants, and others who wish to effectively use the software for their small-business accounting

Community Classes

Music Appreciation

Afternoon at the Opera
Prep for the Met is a great way to get the scoop on the Operas being broadcast by the Metropolitan Opera in New York. These unique screenings are being played all over the world and combine the world’s greatest singers with beautiful sets and dramatic cinematography. These talks are meant to enrich your viewing experience and serve as program notes to the broadcasts. We’ll also be taking an in depth look at some of the Opera titles being performed locally.
West Bay Community Band
If you’ve been itching to play again, come join the West Bay Community Band. NO audition required. Our band has over 40 fun-loving musicians who enjoy playing music of all styles and periods, performing, and appreciate being part of an ensemble. All instruments needed. Gain new musical knowledge and skill.

Foreign Language

Spanish Level 1
Begin communicating in Spanish from the first lesson. Students will be able to: Greet people. Introduce and describe yourself and others. Describe your surroundings: home, work, and your community. Explain your habits, daily routines, and pastimes. Express your emotions and state of being.
Spanish Level 2
Level 2 builds on the fundamental language elements from Level 1 and continues to build on the study of grammar, vocabulary and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries and communities.
Conversational Italian Level 1
Students will find the conversational approach of each session both practical and easy to follow and earn patterns and idioms of daily speech.


ESL All Skills Classes
These classes focus on developing students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in English. Vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation work are also incorporated. We offer seven levels of all-skills classes, both morning and evening. There is an assessment of reading, writing and listening/speaking ability to determine placement.
ESL Listening/Speaking Classes
These classes are offered five afternoons per week and placement is based on an assessment of speaking and listening comprehension. The focus is on development of listening comprehension, vocabulary acquisition, and verbal communication.
ESL Computer Lab
It is an ESL open lab to support technology skills at all levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.
Reading Improvement
Reading Plus is a self-paced online reading program to ehnace reading skills. It helps students to increase their fluency and reading comprehension. Enrollment in Reading Plus requires a weekly two hour commitment
Job Search/Career Exploration
In this a 10 week course, the students will have the opportunity to research different careers and their educational and skill requirements. The students will engage in the entire job search process with expert guidance at every step.
Citizenship classes focus on basic English, U.S. history, and government. Students will practice for the oral interview and writing for the citizenship test. Open entry – enroll anytime. Classes are FREE.
Three levels of writing classes are offered for ESL students who want to improve their skills in writing.
ESL 888: Pronunciation of English Stress, Rhythm and Intonation (offered in Fall semester).
ESL 887: Pronunciation of English Consonants and Vowels (offered in Spring semester).

High School Diploma & GED

High School Diploma
Earn credits toward a high school diploma. Instruction is individualized, so each student works on the specific courses he or she needs. The courses are textbook and computer-based. Teachers are always available to work one-on-one with students. Goal setting, skill building, career and life learning are incorporated into the classes.
GED Preparation Program
If you did not complete high school, you can earn a state-issued high school equivalency cretificate equal to the standard performance of a high school graduate. You can use this certifican to begin your career, join the military, start a training progrm or see you higher education.
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