Foreign Language Classes

Take the time to learn practical Spanish and Italian including vocabulary, grammar, and conversation.


Spanish, Italian & Mandarin

San Mateo Adult Career and Education offers Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin classes for working adults to improve their foreign language skills for their personal benefit and/or career.


Each part is 13-14 meetings (2 hours each) and the same textbook is used for all 4 parts.

Basic Spanish 7th Edition Jarvis, Lebredo, Mena-Ayllon
ISBN 13: 978-0-618-50569-2

Conversational Spanish Part 1
Take the time to learn practical language skills including vocabulary, grammar, and conversation. Well-suited for the south-of-the-border traveler.

San Mateo Adult School - Room 20
TTh 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Delgado 1/21 - 3/5 $168
Conversational Spanish Part 2
Sharpen your pronunciation and conversation skills while expanding both your vocabulary and intonation.

San Mateo Adult School - Room 20
TTh 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Delgado 3/10 – 4/23 $168
Conversational Spanish Part 3
Continue your Spanish instruction using compound tenses and command forms.

Class not currently available.
Conversational Spanish Part 4
Refine your speaking and listening skills. Learn about the subjunctive mood when applied to preferences and beliefs.

San Mateo Adult School - Room 20
MW 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Delgado 3/11 - 4/22 $156

Conversational Italian

Join us for this popular and practical Italian language course.

Students will:

  • Find the conversational approach of each session both practical and easy to follow
  • Learn patterns and idioms of daily speech
  • Receive structured grammar instruction
  • Improve fluency in the spoken language
  • Be exposed to Italian conversation through movies shown in class

Through the class finale – dinner at a local Italian restaurant – students will have a chance to practice Italian in real-time while learning more about the Italian culture.

Buon appetito!

12 sessions

San Mateo Adult School – Room 40
Th 6:30 am – 8:30 pm
Balestra 1/30 – 4/16 $144


Ciao, Seventh Edition, Federici, and Larese-Riga,. ISBN: 1428288376
Ciao, Sixth Edition, Riga, Dal Martello. ISBN: 13:9781413016369

Mandarin Conversation Class

Learn how to speak Mandarin with ease! The most spoken language in the world!

Class not currently available.

Class not currently available.

Introductory price of $50

Beginner to Intermediate

Experienced native Mandarin-speaking teacher

Conversations encountered in daily life and in travel

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