Foreign Language Classes

Take the time to learn practical Spanish and Italian including vocabulary, grammar, and conversation.


Italian & spanish

San Mateo Adult Career and Education offers Italian and Spanish classes for working adults to improve their foreign language skills for their personal benefit and/or career.

We are currently offering Conversational Italian Level 1

Conversational Spanish Level 1 will begin March 2, 2022. .

Conversational Spanish

Conversational Spanish Level 1
Take the time to learn practical language skills including vocabulary, grammar, and conversation. Well-suited for the south-of-the-border traveler.

San Mateo Adult School - Room 20
Dates & Times TBD

Conversational Italian


Join us for this popular and practical language course. Students will find the conversational approach of each session both practical and easy to follow. Learn patterns and idioms of daily speech. Receive structured grammar instruction. Improve fluency in the spoken language. Be exposed to Italian conversation through movies in class.

Textbook: Ciao, Seventh Edition, Federici, and Larese-Riga,. ISBN 1428288376. Ciao, Sixth Edition, Riga, Dal Martello. ISBN: 13:9781413016369

Section: 089601
Location: Online
Dates: Every Thursday 1/27 – 4/14
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Fee: $120
Instructor: Tiziana Balestra
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