Angela Taylor

Humanity; appreciating our differences, learning from each other and focusing on the good and positive aspects of folks reflects Ms Taylor’s values as a person. She hopes to bring an inspiring and kind energy, one that fosters collaboration, positivity and innovation. She hopes to grow together with SMAS, to continue to provide the excellent programs and educational opportunities that you all have created.

Ms. Taylor will bring support and commitment to the staff and students. Her commitment to you and what we do as educators extends beyond just a job and title, it is something she holds dear to her heart, something she respects, honors and cherishes. She will be the leader that keeps the student at the center, while always supporting and upholding staff. She may not always have the answer but together with the team, she will find it.

For the first time in our recent history, we are faced with not only a lethal pandemic, but the horrors of existing systemic racial injustice in our society. We as educators hold the key to transforming lives, to overcoming injustice and empowering people to be their best selves. – this journey is something Ms. Taylor looks forward to taking together

Lori Parris
Assistant Director

Lori Parris immigrated to the United States from Canada in 1996 and is passionate about student learner outcomes and student success! Lori began working in Adult Education in 2009 as a Technology instructor and has not looked back from her previous career of 20 years in High Tech, where she served as an Engineering Manager and a Director of Customer Support. While building Career Education Training programs throughout the Bay Area in the areas of Health, Education, and Technology, her love of teaching led her to branch out and teach other classes. Lori taught in both the High School Diploma and in the GED program that served at-risk youth and helped students reach their academic goals. She has been both an instructor of Community Interest classes and an advocate of Lifelong Learning programs. In 2015, she received her Masters in Educational Leadership from Cal State East Bay (to compliment her BS in Computer Science and her Graduate Diploma in Management) and became a Program Coordinator in Alameda County. Lori became a Principal in Napa and after commuting for 2 years is delighted to have joined her family’s roots in the San Mateo Community as the Assistant Director of San Mateo Adult and Career Education.

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