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Angela Taylor

Humanity; appreciating our differences, learning from each other and focusing on the good and positive aspects of folks reflects Ms Taylor’s values as a person. She hopes to bring an inspiring and kind energy, one that fosters collaboration, positivity and innovation. She hopes to grow together with SMAS, to continue to provide the excellent programs and educational opportunities that you all have created.

Ms. Taylor will bring support and commitment to the staff and students. Her commitment to you and what we do as educators extends beyond just a job and title, it is something she holds dear to her heart, something she respects, honors and cherishes. She will be the leader that keeps the student at the center, while always supporting and upholding staff. She may not always have the answer but together with the team, she will find it.

For the first time in our recent history, we are faced with not only a lethal pandemic, but the horrors of existing systemic racial injustice in our society. We as educators hold the key to transforming lives, to overcoming injustice and empowering people to be their best selves. – this journey is something Ms. Taylor looks forward to taking together

Kira Mann
Assistant Director

Relationships and collaboration are what Assistant Director Harkirat (Kira) Mann thrives on. She combines a heart for teaching with a commitment to doing things right in order to do right by students and staff, alike. An immigrant from India, she knows what it takes to navigate change and start anew.

In her previous work at Eastside Adult Education, she taught in the ESL, GED, and ASE programs, worked as the WASC and Technology coordinator, and was supervisor of the IET and CTE programs. She shepherded her school through challenging pandemic times, understanding with challenge comes opportunity.

As a leader, she keeps her focus on understanding the needs of both students and staff as individuals, knowing that supporting the individual is the way to support the group.

Ms. Mann knows that life and learning are a journey through which we can realize our inner strengths and discover we are capable of things we never knew we could do. She is grateful for the opportunity to join the San Mateo Adult & Career Education community.

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