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Student Success Stories

Our students and alumni impress and inspire with academic, career, and community achievements.
Kathy Guardia
Career Education Graduate

There are many things that I like about San Mateo Adult School (SMAS). Students are placed in the right class for them according to their results of the placement test.

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Students can join different clubs and engage in social activities. There is an option for everybody. But what I absolutely love about SMAS is the diversity, not only from the students, but also the teachers and the administrative personnel at the SMART Center who provide excellent service and help and encourage students with all types of backgrounds.

Tatiana Nosova
Student Ambassador

The highlight for me has been working with the staff during the ESL registration/orientation; this is really challenging time for the staff.

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As a Student Ambassador, I am able to help the staff by helping new students become comfortable as new students, answering their many questions and assisting with keeping the process organized. If you would like to be involved in an office environment, would like to improve your English and would like to get to know and become closer to the lovely staff, than this is the program for you.

Kimie Satoe
ESL Student, Volunteer

Thanks to Teacher Stephanie, I am finally able to start work as a volunteer at the San Mateo Senior Center.

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I work for the lunch program doing things such as table set up, arranging the food on the plates, serving dishes and more. Last semester, I took Stephanie’s “Eat Healthy Be Active” health classes. She took us to the San Mateo Senior Center on a field trip during the class. At that time I received some information about volunteering. Actually, I was worried whether or not I was good enough to start to do that because of my lack of English skills. On the other hand, I didn’t want to miss the chance to volunteer, so I pushed myself to apply for the opportunity and I got it! I believe that volunteering is the perfect opportunity to gain new skills and learn from the people who I meet, so I strongly recommend you to do it!

Jose Luis
ESL Student

Jose Luis moved to the US from Guatemala. He attended San Mateo Adult School from 2008 to 2012, moving from low beginning to advanced level ESL.

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Thanks to the support and encouragement he found at SMAS, he moved on to the College of San Mateo where he majored in Digital Media and TV Production and received a Phi Theta Kappa Key scholarship. He graduated from CSM cum laude and was accepted to San Francisco State University. He worked at KCSM as a producer and host of “What’s Up, San Mateo.

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